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Charles Jacobs

Over 10 major Jewish organizations are lobbying for the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States. HIAS, known in the past as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society whose heroic work helped Jews fleeing from pogroms, is in the forefront of this effort.

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On behalf of SAFEHOME I want to thank the Flo Harris Foundation for giving SAFEHOME a grant for the sixth consecutive year to provide outreach on domestic abuse in our Jewish Community. Healthy relationships equate to shalom bayit (peace in the home); and believe it or not, people benefit from learning what constitutes a healthy relationship.

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"Trouble in the Tribe: The American Jewish Conflict Over Israel,” 

by Dov Waxman, Princeton University Press (April 12, 2016)

The period from the 1967 war to the first Lebanon War in the early 1980s can fairly be said to have been a halcyon era in the American Jewish community’s relationship with Israel.

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Mary Greenberg

Thrown together by the circumstances of place and time, both Jewish and non-Jewish colonists showed solidarity in breaking with the British. Their impassioned goal for a free nation was advanced by unmitigated commitment and bold actions.

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Village Shalom is sympathetic to the needs of a longtime resident who has raised concerns about our expansion plans, as we place great priority on considering the desires of all residents in our community.

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Please, be yourself 

I want to see more same-sex couples kissing in public.

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Rabbi Avraham Lapine

Our campus community is undergoing a much-needed period of healing. Racial protests, discriminatory bias and a toxic atmosphere of disunity have torn apart the fraternity of our school, threatening the core values upon which the University of Missouri were founded.

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A response to T’ruah director

Jill Jacobs (no relation), executive director of T’ruah, recently wrote an op-ed in The Chronicle entitled “Anti BDS law can’t be pro-Israel if it tramples on free speech” (June 30).

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Appalling letter

Having studied with Rabbi Mark Levin for several years I am appalled that The Chronicle would publish such an ignorant, juvenile, mean-spirited attack on his integrity such as the one by John Weed in your June 30 letters column.

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Dr. Miriam Jacobs is one of three original residents still living in The Villas at Village Shalom.

(Editor's Note: With the major expansion and repositioning project at Village Shalom currently projected to begin in early spring of 2017, the daughter of one of the original residents of The Villas feels her mother will be negatively impacted by the construction and urges Village Shalom to change its plans in the letter below. Village Shalom maintains its plan is to the benefit of all the residents.)

Imagine building a perfect retirement home on a beautiful sunny corner lot. You selected this lot for its peaceful view of nature. You spend your days gardening and growing English roses. Time passes and your health declines. At age 87, you are now confined to your home, unable to go out into the sun due to a chronic illness. However, you are still able to enjoy the view from your sunroom window — watching the seasons change as you gaze at grassy berms and trees in the distance.

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Leviticus 18:22

In my naiveté I always equated “rabbi” with “Torah-observant.” After reading “Please, be yourself” (letter to the editor, June 23) I ask whether Rabbi Levin rejects Leviticus 18:22.



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