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Letter to the Editor

One-side article

I thought the J Street/ Peace Now item in the Jan. 30 issue (written by Ron Kampeas, distributed by JTA) was remarkably one-sided. It addresses the Obama/Kerry Iran strategy, but neglects to observe that the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism is Iran. The Kerry/Obama deal can support the Iranian economy to achieve its goal of completion of a nuclear weapon. Mr. Kampeas does not seem to recall that this is the same Iran that demands the annihilation of Israel and of the United States as well. How does Mr. Kampeas explain that this arrangement enhances national security of the United States? Of Israel?

Attempts to block the world’s most dangerous and fanatic regime from achievement of nuclear weapon capability is defensive, not warmongering! I perceive J Street as legitimizing the anti-Israel policies of the Obama administration. Obama, Kerry and Ron Kampeas have not explained how continuation of Iran’s uranium enrichment and development of heavy water increase the security of the United States or that of Israel. Iran is being permitted to continue on its path to possible global destruction.

David S. Jacobs, MD

Overland Park, Kan.