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Letter to the Editor

It’s a draw

On behalf of Ohev Sholom’s Great Latke Hamantash Debate committee, I want to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful press coverage you gave our first ever event over the past five months. The attendance exceeded our expectations as well as the audience’s enjoyment of the program.

Team Latke debaters Hazzan Tahl Ben-Yehuda, Larry Gordon and Izzy Cernea and Team Hamantash debaters Rabbi Beryl Padorr, Mike Kolb and Rabbi Herbert Mandl were very witty and entertaining. Even with the spirited debater rebuttal and audience participation, declaring a winner was not achieved this year. Maybe next year?!

Thank you again,

Melanie Allmayer, event chair

Committee: Mary Birnbaum, Meredith Farnan,

Sally Gordon, Terri Herman,

Maureen Kelts, Kira Lillard,

Jennifer Metcalf and Ruth Roth