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Bibi, can you hear me?

(Editor's Note: Katja Edelman is a junior at Columbia University in New York and a graduate of the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy. Between her first and second year of school, Edelman joined the IDF. She served in a combat role in the IDF’s canine unit, Oketz. Edelman studies political science with a focus in International Relations, is the daughter of Alan and Debbie Sosland-Edelman and a member of Congregation Beth Shalom. This article first appeared on The Times of Israel website on Dec. 12.)

“Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu to skip Mandela memorial, citing cost.” After double-checking to make sure I wasn’t reading a headline from “The Onion,” I held my breath hoping this was some sick joke. Nope, Bibi’s done it again. The same guy who famously spent nearly $3,000 on ice cream last year is trying to convince the world that he skipped Nelson Mandela’s funeral because of a tight budget.