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Letters to the Editor

Dangerous claim

In his letter to the editor, “Sexual harassment discussions become unruly,” (Nov. 2) Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg claims that “men become aroused by what they see and it is their nature to often act out.” I strongly disagree with this dangerous claim, but for argument’s sake, let’s imagine that even if true, it is also in men’s human nature to exhibit self-control as human beings and community members.

Though Rabbi Rosenberg seems to grant men permission to “act out” in accordance with their “nature,” he is wrong, according to both secular and Jewish law. Men are not entitled to uninvited advances. He goes on to encourage women, including his daughter and granddaughters, to defend themselves. While this is an idea I can support, he is remiss in not inviting men to take action by exhibiting self-control and teaching our sons and grandsons that they are not entitled to “what they see.” It’s this sort of thinking that has made rape and harassment endemic in today’s society

Samantha Daniels Feinberg

Prairie Village, Kansas


Words are horrific

Well, well, well Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg from Edison, New Jersey, I hope you regret writing that letter about sexual harassment to The Chronicle (Nov. 2). Your words were horrific.

You claim that people could accuse you of being a chauvinist for your views. I believe that would be letting you off easy. You openly condone predatory behavior rather than stressing personal responsibility. 

“Yes, a woman has a right to dress any way she wishes,” you write, “and she is not to blame for rape, but men become aroused by what they see and it is their nature to often act out.” Yuck!   

And you think the entire “Weinstein discussion” is out of hand? Well it is more than just a discussion. Already there are over 60 women who have come forward with allegations of assault and rape. Weinstein used his power to lure women to hotel rooms to accost them, but you complain you have heard enough! Then turn off your television and stop reading newspapers because this story is not going away anytime soon. 

And just so you know, you do not speak for most men. Most men would never lay a hand on anyone inappropriately ever, even if they did become aroused. Why? Because it’s wrong.

Sandy Meyer

Overland Park, Kansas