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Letter to the editor

Doesn’t pass the smell test

I recently read an article by New York Times columnist Bret Stephens headlined “President Jabberwock and the Jewish Right.” In it he addresses Jews who voted for Donald Trump. I have argued against voting for anyone for president of the U.S. based on a single issue, claiming that such a vote ignores the critical elements of competence, integrity, judgment and moral compass.

More specifically, I cannot understand how any Jew could vote for Trump for anything. There was plenty of factual information about him available prior to the election, given that he had been in public life for 50 years or more.

Even if one favored his “policies” and promises, it is hard to understand why one would believe that he would or could follow up on them. Jewish values and behavior mandates are nowhere present in Trump’s history or campaign. He was more fascist than any recent presidential candidate.

I disagree strongly with those whose interest in Israel or their own financial wealth determined their vote. There is no evidence that Trump really cares about Israel, and the Jews that I know that may have been concerned about their personal taxes have more than enough wealth to live comfortably.

While Hillary may have had negatives, at least she had many positives. I do not believe that one can say that about Trump.

Donald Trump never passed the smell test, and too many Jews were holding their noses!