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Letter to the editor

Gross misrepresentation of facts

As a former resident of Dearborn, Michigan, I find Lee Levin’s letter published in the June 15, 2017, issue of The Chronicle inconsistent with reality, and a gross misrepresentation of life in Dearborn, and the Detroit area.

A check with website SNOPES.com, which verifies truthfulness of items enumerated on social media, confirms that it is “FALSE” that Dearborn has implemented Sharia Law, and that falsehood, (also promoted by FOX News) came from a 2013 report from National Report, a satirical website whose disclaimer states all of its news written is fiction, and presumably “FAKE” news. 

Need I say more?

To understand Detroit, and its Arab community better, please refer to:

Chaldea Wikipedia, Christian Arabs in America


Huff Post, What if America looked like Dearborn?

Politico.com Sharia Law in Michigan

Snopes.com      and

NationalReport.net/ Disclaimer