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Letter to the Editor

Condoning the hate it condemns

The letter from officers of the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council (GKCIC), charitably speaking, can only be interpreted as the result of ideological blindness.

This is typical of progressives, who never, ever can admit failure even when they drown in it.

They condemn the March Against Sharia, which, ironically, few would even know about save for their letter denouncing it. The calamity in Europe resulting from the influx of Muslim immigrants demanding adherence to Sharia law is evident beyond dispute, yet they cannot see it,

What is especially ironic is their statement that the GKCIC rejects any agenda that furthers hate, violence and discrimination. Nothing fits this description more sharply than Sharia law. Sharia law demands death for any Muslims leaving Islam. Sharia law demands that Muslims kill infidels. Sharia law forbids a non-Muslim to openly proclaim their beliefs to Muslims. Sharia law has no problem with marital rape. And talk about discrimination! The plight of females under Sharia law is beyond toleration or defense. And yet GKCIC is blind to all this; in fact, it condemns those who speak out against it.

For Muslim fundamentalists, Sharia law is taken literally. Dearborn, Michigan, now enforces Sharia law. Other uber-liberal cities are becoming increasingly Sharia-compliant.

This is America. Those who come here have an obligation to accept our laws. If Muslim fundamentalists cannot accept our laws, there are countries they can go to that can accommodate them. Can’t GKCIC see that it is condoning the very hate, violence and discrimination it condemns? The March Against Sharia is not, as they claim, targeting a particular ethnic, cultural or religious group. It targets a subset of a group whose beliefs and practices are anathema to everything America stands for. It should be applauded, not condemned.