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Letter to the Editor

Village Shalom is a community treasure

We recently attended the annual pre-Thanksgiving dinner at Village Shalom.

The thoughtfulness and kindness of the Village Shalom staff was a bright “star” in an otherwise dreary day.

That night, one of the residents who was at our table was so concerned about the possible misplacement of her walker that she stopped eating. Jill, Allen, Lorina and a caregiver tried and tried to reassure her the walker was in fact in her apartment, which was locked and secured.

When this constant reassuring did not calm the resident, the Village Shalom staff sprang into action. Someone went to her apartment to retrieve the walker and show her all was well. This calmed her down to the point she could eat and enjoy her dessert!

When people ask us about Village Shalom, we proudly tell them we have a relative who resides there. What they do not realize is in our family’s line of work, we see many nursing homes and retirement establishments. Some are so horribly operated we will not do business with them. This community has no idea how lucky we are to have a caring place like Village Shalom.