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Letter to the Editor

When it comes to Trump, JTA is biased

Regarding the JTA front page article in The Chronicle’s Nov. 17 edition (“Meet the Jews in Trump’s inner circle), I am once again shocked and dismayed at the innuendo and inference that this major Jewish faux news organization would allow to be a part of their news product.

From the outset the article, without substance or fact, states that Trump “has a complicated history with Jews.” No support, no quotes, no examples, just pure rhetoric to begin the beat down of the president elect. I would like to know what is so complicated? The sound bite certainly leads one to believe there must be a skeleton in his closet, or some other controversy that is unsubstantiated. Which is it exactly the JTA wants you to believe? That somehow Trump is a liability to the future of American Jews, really?

Without missing a beat, the biased JTA goes right into another ridiculous character assassination stating “some of Trumps supporters identify with anti-Semitic elements of the alt-right.” Of course, they mention David Duke supports Trump. Obviously, Trump can’t do anything about that, but if he does not renounce Duke then of course he must be a bigot. So how many of Trumps supporters are we talking about? Ten, a thousand, 10,000? And candidly, “what difference does it make?” The hateful Jew bashing Louis Farrakhan also supports Trump, but we cannot bring that up because he is black and Trump is also a racist. That would not make sense, that would not fit the political narrative.

Jumping on the Jewish Hate Trump Train appeals to the 70 percent of Jews that voted for the noble and honorable Hillary Clinton, the queen of making the Middle East a place of peace and prosperity, but let’s not diverge from our main point. The hypocrisy of the JTA is standard non journalistic garbage, as has been the case the entire U.S. political season from the JTA.

The article goes on to celebrate nine Jewish advisers to Trump, which rather than being the lead of the story, is simply window dressing to most Jews. What is it about American Jews that has them fawning over liberal leaders that believe in doing more of the same to get a different result? Where is it in our history where we as Jews were ever taught that more of the same would get a different outcome. We do not give more cancer to a cancer patient, we do not give an alcoholic more alcohol to beat their addiction.

So how is it that 70 percent of Jews supported a continuation of eight years of failure? Even the despicable hate monger Louis Farrakhan came to the conclusion that Trump could do no worse for the black community than 40 years of Democratic ideas and leadership.

Our country has spoken. The Democratic party and the ideas of liberals has been patently rejected over the last eight years with fewer elected state and national offices than the Reconstruction era.

I can only hope the Jewish community will become a part of the resurgence of this country’s commitment to its founding principles of equality, justice and limited government. As well as the renewed upholding of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Especially Article 1 Section 8 of our constitution (specifying the duties of Congress), which if ever read by our citizens would make clear we have strayed from our founding path and will hopefully come back to the brilliance that made us the greatest country in the history of the world.