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Letter to the Editor

Proud ‘nasty woman’ responds to absurd letter

I purposely waited until after the election to write this. My response is in regard to the letter written by Dr. David S. Jacobs that was published Nov. 3 in The Chronicle.

Obviously, this is going to sound much like sour grapes in view of the fact that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a totally hard working, competent, informed, talented and caring woman, has lost the election. However, I was stunned by the absurdity of Dr. Jacobs letter.   

My real intent is to share my dismay that an apparently well-educated individual does not have the ability to write a letter supporting his views, using his own words, rather than repeating the talking points of the Republican argument. After reading Dr. Jacobs letter, I laughed out loud realizing that this “highly educated” man apparently has no capacity to express his own opinion.

I sincerely question if Dr. Jacobs’ real concern is for the benefits of the tax cuts that the newly elected president will provide his pocketbook.