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JVS launches additional services for individuals with autism

JVS launched a program July 18 to work with individuals referred from Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation that have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. JVS has worked with this population for many years, and now is designated as an Employment Services Plus (ES Plus) provider for those individuals on the spectrum. With ES Plus, JVS is able to go above and beyond the typical services already provided to individuals with a range of disabilities through its employment services department.


Members of the Jewish community referred by Vocational Rehabilitation are eligible for specialized autism services regardless of whether they live in Kansas or Missouri

JVS ES Plus program offers intensive individualized job search, individualized job explorations, resume assistance, interview preparation including mock interviews, and application assistance. In addition, participants have access to JVS’ Social Integration Networking Group (S.I.N.G.), allowing them to interact and develop appropriate social skills with others on the pectrum.  

The S.I.N.G. group initiated “Treat Yourself Tuesday,” taking snack and drink orders from JVS staff and then delivering them the following week. “Treat Yourself Tuesday” offers an opportunity for participants to develop social skills, learn to inventory products, count change and develop customer service skills in a supportive environment. 

JVS also provides a specialized ES Plus program for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. With this program, individuals are also provided with resume development, application assistance, interview preparation, and job search assistance provided by a staff fluent in American Sign Language and familiar with deaf culture. JVS also ensures that these job seekers have an interpreter for interviews and training. 

Overall, JVS Employment Services works with individuals who face physical, mental health and developmental challenges in conducting successful job searches. With the addition of this specialized ES Plus program JVS is now able to expand its services and better provide inclusive training to those who are on the spectrum.

For more questions in regards to this program or others at JVS, contact the office at 816-471-2808.     

JVS, in partnership with Jewish Family Services, also coordinates Career Skills Connections, which assists members of the Jewish community looking for help finding a job. Those interested in learning more about that program may contact 913-730-1449.

JVS Employment Programs are accredited by CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.